Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Visit from Miss O

We got a long awaited visit from my sister and her 7 month old Olivia! She is so sweet. She is trying to crawl and Addie Lee just loves her! She is not always sure about Addie Lee though b/c one of Addie's favorite things is to take Miss O's paicfier!

Here are a few pics snapped during her visit...
Doc and the girls...ready for bed!

Addie Lee now gives "angry eyes" just for fun! This picture really captures them!

We ordered these dresses early, but of course they didn't come in until the day they were going back to Dallas but we were able to snap a few pics!

Miss Olivia in her cute dress. I wasn't there but they told me she really loved to eat the tops of the pumpkins! I know my sister loved that!

Addie Lee with her crinkled nose!

The two girls together! And yes, it is very difficult to get a pic with both of them looking at the camera (good luck Nicole in November!).

On Sunday, the whole family (yes 5 grandkids and spouses, grandparents, and all 8 great grandkids) were at my mama's house to see Miss O. We tried to snap pics of all of them. Isn't it amazing though! The only one missing is baby boy Morris...soon to come!

I had to throw this pic in there. My mama has these men at the end of her walk and Addie Lee just loves them. She went and loved on one and mama told her to "love the little man" and she went to the other one so it wouldn't be left out!

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