Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two Blue

Well my baby boy turned two on Saturday, December 3.  We had his party one week early but, of course, being the birthday guru that I am we celebrated again on his actual birthday.  Kimber LOVES blue.  He always says "blue" and I'll aske "Is that blue?" and he says "No, it's (whatever the right color is)."  It's so funny.  So he woke up on his birthday and said he wanted blue pancakes, so that's what I made! 

This is his blue monkey plate with "K2" made out of blue pancakes. 

This is the birthday boy enjoying his blue pancakes.
 We then went to Sonic and got him a blue slushy.  I always let the kids choose what they want, generally it's a slushy, and Kimber's is ALWAYS blue!  It's some kind of coconut so I'm pretty sure it can't taste too good, but he loves it.

Then the kids hung out and played on some of Kimber's new toys he got for his birthday.  They love to go in circles around the house. 
I also made blue cupcakes with blue icing.  Somehow I didn't get a picture of those, but I'm sure you would have been very impressed! It was such a wonderful day to spend with my two children.  If you have not read Kimber's birth story it was truly a miracle that he is here with us today.  Early in my pregnancy God promised me everything would be alright and I claimed that promise the day of his birth.  I can't remember that time without remembering God's promises, mercy and grace.  I do not deserve such a wonderful family but He has blessed me with one. 

Kimber:  You are my boy!  And you are all boy!  You love your sister more than anything.  Every time you wake up, rather than from a nap or in the morning, the first word out of your mouth is "Addie".  This was also your first word!  I think it is so sweet.  She adores you too.  However, both of you love to aggravate each other.  Sometimes it is amazing the things you think of to go at her.  Y'all are so funny to watch.  You are a mama's boy through and through, and I love it!  You also love to go with your daddy and be a big boy.  Once you have a shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket you like on your body, you refuse to cover it up or take it off.  It does not matter if it is 10 degrees outside and you are wearing a short sleeve shirt, if there is a train or tractor on it you will not put on a jacket.  You love tractors, I don't know if this is a sign of times to come, but you sure do love them now.  Your daddy says you are like me because you're stubborn.  I would have to agree!  Once you make up your mind about something you refuse to change it!  I love you with all my heart!