Sunday, September 2, 2012

Harvest Time

This is what we (mostly Dustin) have been doing for the past month or more.  It was a long, interesting harvest this year.  Dustin got a new combine; however, it did not work well for the first several weeks.  I tried to take Kimber to the field as much as possible because he loved every part of harvest.  He has since taken to playing with his combine, having it dump in the trailer and taking it from the trailer to the 18-wheeler.  Here is a picture of the corn harvest.

Pop and Kimber on the gator.  Kimber loves to "go fast" and Pop is always happy to oblige.

I love these next two pictures.  You can see how much both love farming and each other.  This is Kimber running toward his daddy about to get on the combine.  The second picture is Kimber jumping off the combine to Dustin.

This is a picture of the bean harvest.  Kimber had gotten so good at driving the combine that he knew when to swing the auger (the thing that takes the crop from the combine to the grain cart) and when to turn it off.  Of course, he loves to push the buttons!