Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Pics

I don't have a lot of time but I just wanted everyone to know that our friends SuperMatt and Nicole came to visit this weekend! Nicole is the great photographer and captures our kids personalities like no one else. She has posted some pics we took on Sunday on her blog at nicolvin.blogspot.com! So go check them out!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Some people ask me who Kimber favors...to me it is his big sister! Anyone who tells me that they do not look alike are clearly not seeing my two kids! Here is a pic the Nanny snapped while the kids were playing with leggos. Kimber looks just like Addie Lee! They even have the same expression on their faces! And yes, neither one of them are wearing clothes!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance...

Well we attended our first dance class on Wednesday! Yes, I know she is only 2, but like I told Dustin...it is good for her to get out of the house and be around other little kids and get insturctions from another adult!

Here is Addie Lee and Marra Beth all ready to go to dancing:

The cuties doing some sort of dance pose (I never took so I have no idea what you would call that besides the sun coming out in the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" book):

Marra Beth, Addie Lee, and Kaylee:

Addie Lee eating her sucker after dance class:

Addie Lee's dance instructor (Mandi). She said Addie Lee did good but I'm sure she says that to all mamas. We're not allowed to watch b/c of course they would not mind Mandi if we were in there!
I didn't get to stay and watch but I know the kids had fun! And of course we have the cutest little twinkle toes!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


On Saturday we got a visit from John Hinton (and his parents). It was so great to see them and of course Addie Lee loved being the big girl. I thought Kimber would like JH better, but it turned out that AL and JH bonded more! He's already into the older women!

Addie Lee kept grabbing Alissa and I around the neck and pulling us together saying "friends". It was so sweet! We don't get to spend enough time together, but hey we are working moms!

Here is a pic of Addie Lee pulling John and Kimber together: Addie Lee on the tractor rocker and John Hinton in the TIGER rocker! Yes, he knows the best college!

Just the boys:

John Hinton and Addie Lee were riding together. I think they ended up playing bumper cars!
We had a great time, although it was too short of a visit. Kimber seemed to want to stick close to me. He has become very attached (and I don't mind b/c I've been attached to him since he was born!).
The funniest thing was that we put JH in Kimber's walker and he would RUN everywhere and all over the place at warp speed! I'm pretty sure he could be in the Olympics with that thing! Somehow I didn't capture that pic!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Pics

Here are a few random pictures from June and July since I didn't post much.

Dustin loves to reload bullets and shoot guns. Addie Lee is always intrigued by his "gun room." Here she is helping her daddy reload! Look how cute she is in her panties! Yes, she is potty trained!

Fourth of July outfits! You can't really see them but they have red crawfish on the bottom. As you can tell they were not cooperating for pics! Surprise!

We all went to NO for the Farm Bureau Conference. We took two of the best babysitters with us for help! Yes, they will soon be our neighbors...I can already see the future! Here is a pic of them at the Riverwalk.

Here's Linda Claire and Kimber enjoying a beignet. Kimber took well to his babysitters, given the fact we left them in the hotel room with virtually no instructions! That was Dustin's job and of course he "knew they could handle it." They did a great job!

One day in NO we went to the Children's Museum. The kids had fun, but it was crowded and of course full of germs. We all showered when we got back to the hotel (the six tenth of a mile walk in the beat down heat didn't help our cleanliness!).

We have been busy going, potty training, being sick, and getting tubes; hence, the lack of posts! Anyway, this pretty much catches us up to date. I'll try to become a better blogger but on my list of "try betters" this is not ranking very high!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beach Trip

Well, we went to the beach in June (and yes, I'm just getting around to posting!). We had a great time, as you can see! Dustin even got to come down at the end of the week. Here are a few pics from our trip.

This is what Kimber liked to do most of the time. It looks like a great idea to me:

Grammie gave Addie Lee and Olivia their first Barbie. So, of course, Addie Lee had to take hers EVERYWHERE. That means to bed, bath, and even to splash pad!

One night we couldn't find the kids so we went in the bathroom and they were both playing in the shower! What a play crib!

Addie Lee also discovered where we kept the Oreos and the fact that she could open the door, open the package, and take a cookie whenever she wanted! But hey, it's vacation!

Here she is in her cute giraffe swim suit:

We had a great time! I will post more pics later b/c we took some on the beach that are pretty cute! Kimber was not in a lot of these pics b/c I didn't let him get out in the sun a lot!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Addie Lee's Tea for Two!

So my little girl turned two on Saturday! It was happy, but kind of sad. I can vividly remember the whole process of being nervous, scared, excited, and finally full of joy when I finally held her. This has been the best two years of my life. I have been blessed with two wonderful children and a great husband who helps me!

We decided that since Addie Lee loves her "pretties" (or jewelry as everyone else knows them), then we would do a dress up tea party. She also loves to have "coffee" at my Mama's house with her little tea set Mama bought her.

We decorated Grammie's house and invited a few friends!

This is Addie Lee before everyone arrived. She was trying things on to be sure they fit just right.

The Birthday Girl in her Snow White outfit and a pic of the teapot cake I made (yes, I know you're thinking Martha Stewart watch out!):

This is all the kids dressed up. Even Cody and Cooper dressed up and helped me "serve" at the tea party:

This is a shot of all the great-grandkids (except Olivia) that were at the party. We were only missing one:

After the party was over I realized I had forgotten to cut the teapot cake (we had other there to eat also) so we all dug in and Addie and Olivia LOVED it! I didn't taste it but I'm sure it wasn't that great!

We had a wonderful time celebrating two whole years! I still can't believe it!