Friday, August 13, 2010


On Saturday we got a visit from John Hinton (and his parents). It was so great to see them and of course Addie Lee loved being the big girl. I thought Kimber would like JH better, but it turned out that AL and JH bonded more! He's already into the older women!

Addie Lee kept grabbing Alissa and I around the neck and pulling us together saying "friends". It was so sweet! We don't get to spend enough time together, but hey we are working moms!

Here is a pic of Addie Lee pulling John and Kimber together: Addie Lee on the tractor rocker and John Hinton in the TIGER rocker! Yes, he knows the best college!

Just the boys:

John Hinton and Addie Lee were riding together. I think they ended up playing bumper cars!
We had a great time, although it was too short of a visit. Kimber seemed to want to stick close to me. He has become very attached (and I don't mind b/c I've been attached to him since he was born!).
The funniest thing was that we put JH in Kimber's walker and he would RUN everywhere and all over the place at warp speed! I'm pretty sure he could be in the Olympics with that thing! Somehow I didn't capture that pic!

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