Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kimber Updates

Kimber has been a busy bee as well.  He is really growing up too fast.  He is talking in sentences (sometimes I'm still guessing what he's saying but he's getting much better).  He no longer calls his blanket a "yank" but he now says "blahn-et"; there is no more "tata" but now it's "thank you".  It's really a little sad.  He loves to say his prayers at night and wants to do absolutely everything his big sister does!  He is also an animal lover, but that is a separate post!

Here are the two of them having a toast with their Gatorade at the pool.  AL loves to swim and K loves to go and watch her swim.  He does not like to get in the water though.  He says "I not do that".  

This is Kimber with his Buzz Lightyear toy he got at Disney on Ice:

He loved seeing Woody and Buzz and he made that toy spin the entire time of the show!

This is just a cute picture.  He does not like sun in his eyes.  We are in the car a lot it seems, so he needed some glasses.  Isn't he adorable?!
He is really growing up but is hitting his 2s.  He needs a lot of reminders to be sweet, not hit your sister, and listen to your mother.  He is still not completely potty trained, but we're working on it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Addie Lee's Latest

Well, we've had an eventful few weeks.  I've been to Savannah, GA and back and the kids have been super busy.  So, just to catch up here are a few "Addie stories":

One day after school I decided to take the kids to the mall to ride the carousel (it had been raining for days and we had been stuck in the house) and eat a little chick-fil-a.  We were on the interstate and Addie started screaming.  I made her stop screaming and tell me what was wrong.  This was her response:  "I put a jewel in my nose!"  Really?!?  Yes, that's right.  Luckily I was close to an exit so I took it and pulled over at a gas station.  I tried many things (which I now know you should not do when something is up someone's nose) to get the "jewel" out of her nose.  At this point, I had no idea what kind of jewel was up there but I knew it was WAY up there!  So, I headed to daddy's office.  My cousin Kylie (a nurse) was there waiting with a lot of tools.  Addie Lee was so scared at this point.  She was not crying but shaking.  I think she was scared she would get a shot!  Anyway, she laid down on the exam table and she was able to blow it out of the nostril and Kylie grabbed it with a tool.  When anyone asked why she stuck it up her nose her response is "Well, it was in my carseat."  Yes, there is no place to put things in your carseat other than up your nose!  I'm not sure how all the junk got on the floor of my car!  So, here is a picture of the jewel!  It was actually quite large!

On a brighter day I decided to introduce my little girl to some spoiling.  I took her to get her first pedicure!  This is a wonderful little place that has special pillows, polishes, and sparkles just for little girls.  Here she is in her spa chair:

She chose purple polish with sparkles.   It matched her dress that day!  Finished product:

This past Friday we went to see Toy Story 3:  On Ice.  The kids love Toy Story and had a blast.  We had a wonderful time.  Aunt Jan and Aniston came along as well.  Aniston (15 months) was glued as well.  Every character from Toy Story was there.  It was great.  The kids came home with a lot of souvenirs and to my surprise popcorn cost more than it does at the movies!  Here is a pic I snapped before we left that morning.  You can't tell in this picture but she is wearing her Jessie boots.

This last pic was just too cute.  A pic of my little girl and her daddy.  We were headed to a surprise 50th birthday party and they just looked too cute that I had to snap a picture.
A few stories:

We stayed at Lori's house while there was  a wedding at ours over the Easter holiday.  Lori made the kids some turkey sausage that was the freezer kind that you heat up in the microwave.  Addie called me over to the table and said "If I have to eat this sausage I will throw up."  Lori was close by and she heard.  She said "What kind of sausage does your mama cook?"  And her answer:  "real sausage"!  Hey, I may not be the best cook but my kids seem to like it!

I picked her up from school Monday and she whispered "Mama I made you something at school but I can't tell you what it is.  It's a flower."  I thought it was too sweet!

Last night we were saying our prayers and she likes to pray by herself and thank God for many, many things which usually include specifically named family members, teachers, and friends at preschool.  But last night she thanked God for her "20 minutes of tv" she is allowed to watch before bed!  Priceless!