Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kimber Updates

Kimber has been a busy bee as well.  He is really growing up too fast.  He is talking in sentences (sometimes I'm still guessing what he's saying but he's getting much better).  He no longer calls his blanket a "yank" but he now says "blahn-et"; there is no more "tata" but now it's "thank you".  It's really a little sad.  He loves to say his prayers at night and wants to do absolutely everything his big sister does!  He is also an animal lover, but that is a separate post!

Here are the two of them having a toast with their Gatorade at the pool.  AL loves to swim and K loves to go and watch her swim.  He does not like to get in the water though.  He says "I not do that".  

This is Kimber with his Buzz Lightyear toy he got at Disney on Ice:

He loved seeing Woody and Buzz and he made that toy spin the entire time of the show!

This is just a cute picture.  He does not like sun in his eyes.  We are in the car a lot it seems, so he needed some glasses.  Isn't he adorable?!
He is really growing up but is hitting his 2s.  He needs a lot of reminders to be sweet, not hit your sister, and listen to your mother.  He is still not completely potty trained, but we're working on it!

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