Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter, Farming, Yodeling and More

So I know we've been MIA for about a month.  So this is a warning that there are lots of pictures to follow on this post.  We had a wedding at our house so I've been a little preoccupied.  

This was AL's "Easter egg hunting" outfit.  

Just thought this picture was too cute:
 We attended several egg hunts and the kids enjoyed them.  They would not pick up any eggs that were cracked though.  They also dyed eggs at the house one night and did the annual Easter egg dying at Grandma's house with all the other grandkids.

Daddy having a tea party:

Catching up on some light reading (Dr. Seuss!):

Here are the farmers.  This is one day Dustin was planting soybeans.  He had to fill up and we made it in time for Kimber to help.

Here you can see how the corn is growing:

This week at school they are learning the letter "y" so the teacher asked if AL would wear her Jessie outfit and teach the class to yodel.  That's exactly what she did!