Thursday, August 5, 2010

Random Pics

Here are a few random pictures from June and July since I didn't post much.

Dustin loves to reload bullets and shoot guns. Addie Lee is always intrigued by his "gun room." Here she is helping her daddy reload! Look how cute she is in her panties! Yes, she is potty trained!

Fourth of July outfits! You can't really see them but they have red crawfish on the bottom. As you can tell they were not cooperating for pics! Surprise!

We all went to NO for the Farm Bureau Conference. We took two of the best babysitters with us for help! Yes, they will soon be our neighbors...I can already see the future! Here is a pic of them at the Riverwalk.

Here's Linda Claire and Kimber enjoying a beignet. Kimber took well to his babysitters, given the fact we left them in the hotel room with virtually no instructions! That was Dustin's job and of course he "knew they could handle it." They did a great job!

One day in NO we went to the Children's Museum. The kids had fun, but it was crowded and of course full of germs. We all showered when we got back to the hotel (the six tenth of a mile walk in the beat down heat didn't help our cleanliness!).

We have been busy going, potty training, being sick, and getting tubes; hence, the lack of posts! Anyway, this pretty much catches us up to date. I'll try to become a better blogger but on my list of "try betters" this is not ranking very high!

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