Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Addie Lee's Tea for Two!

So my little girl turned two on Saturday! It was happy, but kind of sad. I can vividly remember the whole process of being nervous, scared, excited, and finally full of joy when I finally held her. This has been the best two years of my life. I have been blessed with two wonderful children and a great husband who helps me!

We decided that since Addie Lee loves her "pretties" (or jewelry as everyone else knows them), then we would do a dress up tea party. She also loves to have "coffee" at my Mama's house with her little tea set Mama bought her.

We decorated Grammie's house and invited a few friends!

This is Addie Lee before everyone arrived. She was trying things on to be sure they fit just right.

The Birthday Girl in her Snow White outfit and a pic of the teapot cake I made (yes, I know you're thinking Martha Stewart watch out!):

This is all the kids dressed up. Even Cody and Cooper dressed up and helped me "serve" at the tea party:

This is a shot of all the great-grandkids (except Olivia) that were at the party. We were only missing one:

After the party was over I realized I had forgotten to cut the teapot cake (we had other there to eat also) so we all dug in and Addie and Olivia LOVED it! I didn't taste it but I'm sure it wasn't that great!

We had a wonderful time celebrating two whole years! I still can't believe it!

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