Friday, September 24, 2010

First Tiger Experience

Addie Lee had her first Tiger experience this past weekend. She went with Grammie, Doc, and Sydney to watch the Tigers beath MSU! GEAUX TIGERS! From everything I've heard she had a great time! She now walks around the house saying dah, dah, dah...geaux tigers! All the while pumping her fist! She is a TRUE TIGER!

Here is Doc and Addie Lee watching the band come down:
It got pretty hot out there!
Smiling for the camera!

Watching the game and I'm guessing waving at Mike:

I'm pretty sure this is where she stayed most of the Doc's lap. What better place than Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night with Doc holding you?

Very intently watching the game and munching on some popcorn!

This was Addie Lee before the game...posing with Mike the Tiger at T.J. Ribs! YUM!

She had a wonderful time and I know that she is a definite LSU football her mama...and Grammie!! I wouldn't have it any other way! GEAUX TIGERS!

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