Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here kitty, kitty

It's been a while but we are still here. We've moved into our house and have been very busy. I will try to catch up! Someone dropped these kittens off to one of Gran's friends who did not need the kittens, so we have adopted two little kitties! The kids, mainly Kimber, LOVE LOVE LOVE the kittens!

Here are the kids the first day we got them. As you can see, Kimber has the orange kitty and AL has the grey one. Kimber "loved" on the orange kitty so much that it will not let Kimber hold it anymore! Once he is outside and picks up the kitty he will NOT let it touch the ground by any means. And those kittens are so sweet that they do not scratch, bite, or hurt him in any way. AL is a little more afraid of them, as you can see.

AL named the kittens Cousin John (grey kitty) and Shirley Potts (orange kitty). What an imagination she has!

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