Friday, July 22, 2011

He got a Good One

On July 18, 2011, my cousin Stacey Miller was called to her eternal home in heaven. She battled colon cancer for a solid year. She didn't just slip in the back door of heaven. She was called home and I know the Lord said "well done my good and faithful servant". She was a servant of the Lord here on Earth and her life was a testimony.

When Stacey was diagnosed it always bothered me that she had no one to lean on during this difficult time and I constantly prayed about this. If something were to happen to me, I could lean (and have done so) on Dustin. Stacey didn't have that. However, one Sunday I was talking to Stacey's sister and she said, "I didn't bring any clothes to Stacey's house because I didn't think she'd feel like going to church." Little did she know that Stacey was out of the bed and dressed and waiting on another sister to pick her up for church. I think she was even at the end of the drive waiting when her sister came to get her! It was at that point the Lord showed me that although she didn't have a husband on earth to lean on, Stacey leaned on the Lord and found strenght in Him. That was such a testament to me! Even when she felt awful she wanted to be in His house!

Stacey was also an awesome mother. She loved her boys Trey and Cody with all she had. The day before she passed, Stacey was at the baseball field watching Trey play his All-stars game. She taught he and Cody how to play every sport, and play it well. I am very sad that Trey and Cody will not always get to experience her love and the devotion she had for those boys. However, I know we, as her family, will do our best to show them this love and tell them of all the love their mother had for them.

She was also a handywoman....yes, that's right, she could fix anything! If she didn't know how to fix it, she would figure it out. When we both lived in BR she was always fixing my AC unit! It was wonderful...and free!

Stacey was also a giver. When she saw a need, she didn't wait to be asked. She would take charge and complete any job. When she was taking treatments, she and her sisters planned and executed the elementary field day! Amazing.

I could say many more things about Stacey but the true testament is the outpouring of love from the community in response to her death. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support.

If I am half the servant, woman, and mom that Stacey was, I am on the right track! Please say a prayer for her sweet boys, Trey and Cody. On July 18, 2011, God called home a good one!

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