Friday, September 9, 2011

School Girl with a Red Apple

My little girl started school on Tuesday. It was a hard day for me. She was excited the night before and excited when she woke up. However, she was pretty shy once we got to school. These aren't the best pics because they were taken with a phone but I'll post the better ones later.

There is a behavior chart in their classroom and there is a green apple for good and that's where every child starts everday. Then if they get a warning their pin gets moved down to yellow and if you are in trouble twice you get moved to the red apple.....WELL, you guessed it, on the third day little miss AL got a RED APPLE!

I asked her teacher what she did and apparently she was not being a good listener and following instructions (yes, I have this problem some at home so not a huge surprise) so she got moved to the yellow. Then the class was making fruit loop necklaces and my child was eating the fruit loops and was told not to do that. She did not listen but kept eating her fruit loops! So she got moved to a red apple!! When the teacher looked over and asked AL what was in her mouth she covered her mouth and said "Nuttin" (nothing). Funny story now, but not good that she got a red apple. She was highly disappointed when she did not get a prize from her teacher b/c she didn't have green apples all week. But, she did have a green apple today! When she didn't get her prize she said "I'm so sorry I got a red apple" in her dramatic way as only she can perform! All a learning process I guess!

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