Friday, September 23, 2011

Where is Addie Lee?

Well, as of this second, I am NOT sure! She is probably over Mississippi and getting close to entering Alabama. She is with my mama and daddy in my daddy's airplane. Now she has flown several times before, but NEVER in a small plane (besides those they call "large" planes that fly out of Monroe!). So after school, I took her to my daddy's hangar and they were off. She wasn't scared, she was just excited! They are headed to the beach. Kimber, Dustin, my sister and her two kids and myself will be joining them tonight. But we are DRIVING! I know, what fun with three kids 2 and under!

Here is the plane:

She's ready for take off. Figuring out how to use the headset because we all know she's going to talk!

Up in the air:

I watched them leave. Let's just say that when your baby girl goes up in a small airplane without you, you get a little nervous! If you have better eyes than me you may can see the small white dot on the left...that's the plane! I'm not sure what's happening on the left of this pic. It looks like smoke but I didn't see that when I was there!

I'll let you know how my "trip" to the beach goes w/ the other three kiddos!

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