Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Belle of the Ball

This is how AL dressed for pre-k this morning!  I went and bought the kids' Halloween costumes last night while the kids stayed at my MIL house.  So, this morning I brought the kids home b/f we had to go to school and I had them out for them to see.  She LOVED it immediately!  And of course she had to wear it to school.  She still had it on when I picked her up from school and when I got home from work! 

When I brought her home at lunch Kimber was down for his nap.  I framed a 16X20 pic of both kids.  K's is still sitting on the floor in the living room and without anyone looking she went up to the pic and the following happened:

AL went up to the pic and said "Kimber I love you" and then gave him a kiss.  Then she said, "Oh no! It's midnight, I have to go!" and she turned and ran away!  It was HILARIOUS! I could not stop laughing.  If you know her in at all, you can totally picture this!

She finally had to take off the dress because she was playing in the sprinklers and got wet and then fell down in the dirt!  I'm sure she will be looking for it in the morning!

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