Friday, October 14, 2011


I have two funnies to share this morning:

  1. Dustin cooked the kids cinnamon rolls and he took Kimber from the bathtub to check out the cinnamon rolls, so of course, he was naked.  Once he saw the cinnamon rolls he HAD TO HAVE ONE!  So Dustin iced them and gave him one (still w/o a diaper on) and he sat in his high chair, butt naked, and ate not one, but two cinnamon rolls!  It was too too funny!  Dustin took a pic but I thought a little inappropriate for all to see!  But it had us rolling!
  2. I baked cupcakes last night to take to work.  When I was taking them to the car this morning AL asked if those were for her class.  I told her I was taking a snack to work but she insisted that she have some to give her friends.  There was a tin with 4 cupcakes in it so I told her she could take it to her teachers.  She is always the first to arrive and was talking to her teachers when she lifted the lid off of the tin to show them the treats.  She then proceeded to lick the top of the tin that had some residual icing on it!  Then she noticed she had gotten some icing on her shirt and she lifted her shirt and began licking the icing off of it!  TOO FUNNY!  I'm sure they let her bring the cupcakes home to finish eating!

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