Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

To my wonderful husband, daddy, and father-in-law.  I am blessed with three wonderful men who love and respect me and my children.  They provide for all our needs and I could not ask for more.

This kids, their daddy, and Pop (Dustin's daddy) after church one night

So this morning our Father's Day gift to Dustin was breakfast in bed.  Addie Lee helped me prepare the food.  She insisted that he actually eat in bed!  Maybe that was more for her!

 Cracking the eggs

 Proud of her breakfast she made for Daddy of scrambled eggs, monkey bread, bacon and orange juice

 She even insisted on carrying the food into our room herself (I held onto the orange juice)


Kimber finally woke up to join in the fun.  He was a little confused as to why I was allowing them to eat in the bed!  Eventually, he decided to join in!

I think all loved the breakfast in bed, but none more than Addie Lee.  She said it was "cool"!  My sheets are now in the washer!  Happy Father's Day!

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