Friday, September 18, 2009

Working on the Farm

Well, it's official...Addie Lee loves farming just like her daddy. Dustin thought he would need a boy for that but he was wrong. These pics are from a couple days we went to the farm to help out. She really loves to drive the combine and seems intrigued by all the happenings.

Addie Lee is focused as she drives the combine. She really likes to hit the unload button so she can dump the corn on Uncle Bobo!

Dustin and Addie Lee riding around in her John Deere wagon.

This is one of the days when our friends Matt and Nicole came up from BR to see us and watch Dustin harvest. We had such a great time with them! This is a pic from the grain bins, which Pop runs. Addie Lee thought she could pick up all the corn around the bins. Pop assured me that she was only eating the "clean corn." This is both of them examining it to be sure it was clean before she put it in her mouth!

Wow! What does this button do?
For more pics of our weekend with Matt and Nicole go to her blog at By the way she is a great photographer and her pics are much better than mine!

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