Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beach Time

We went to the beach last week and had a lot of fun. Both kids loved the beach (Kimber actually told me himself!). Grammie was kind enough to let us go with her and ride the 8-10 hours it took us to get there. Needless to say, we were crazy by the time we arrived! But it was great! They actually did really well.

Here is Kimber chilling on the couch in his Valentine outfit. I know he is a heartbreaker and will be one when he gets older...just look how pretty he is. My mammaw says he is too pretty to be a boy!

This is Addie Lee sticking her feet in the water. She loved the beach last year but it was even better this time. She wanted to actually get in the water but I just let her put her feet in it! I can't wait to go back this summer with Kimber, Addie Lee and Olivia. I know they'll have a great time!

I'm not sure what was to their right, but obviously they both wanted me to look that way!

Addie Lee just hanging out and trying to get the sand out of her toes.

Grammie, Addie Lee, and Kimber all relaxing while listening to the waves crash.

We had a great trip, but were glad to be home. We can't wait to return to the beach when it is a little warmer. We all needed a break though. I have to start work full-time on February 1 and Grammie had just got done with the third wedding at her house in 5 years! Yes, she's a trooper and all turned out great! I think she's done....but we'll see. Not to mention, we had added stress because Doc went to Haiti with Hospitals for Humanity. We heard from him a few times, but we're all glad he is home and safe now. Until next time...

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