Saturday, January 23, 2010


yes, January 9th was probably the coldest day in LA history and my brother got married outside! For all of you wondering...the only answer I have is that, yes, he must be nuts!
And no, he didn't get it from me!

However, they did have the cutest flower girl in the history of weddings. Addie Lee did not get cold b/c her smart mother dressed her in 4 layers on top and bottom plus the coat, hat, and two pair of gloves! See how cute she was!

This is Addie Lee sporting her thermals and mentally preparing for the wedding!

The bride, Addie Lee, and Olivia

Doc, Addie Lee, and the insane groom! Yes, his name is Lee but don't tell him Addie Lee is actually named after my daddy, not him!

You may be wondering if Kimber made a debut on that cold day. After much discussion with him, he agreed to come to the wedding if he did not have to go outside or be around a lot of people with germs. So, he came and took pics and then left...he is in our family pic at the top of the blog.

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