Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a fun weekend. Addie Lee and I went shopping for the house on Saturday while the boys hung out and did "farm stuff." I know she is like her mama b/c we both love to shop. She did great until our last stop, which was the grocery store- granted this was about 5 hours after we left the house! She wanted to eat a puddin cup in the store and I wouldn't let her so that did not go so well. So I decided it was time to go home and we compromised on an Aerial Pez dispenser.

Once in the car she was out within 2 min (after she had eaten all the Pez of course!).

Here are a few pics from our weekend. On Sunday we rode around and looked at the crops to see how much they had grown. We got a big rain this weekend and are so thankful!

Here's Addie Lee. I'm sure she's checking the moisture!

Dustin and the kiddos hiding in the corn! Dustin really blends in!

Kimber and me making the corn look good!

Doc and Addie Lee rocking on the porch. Addie Lee just loves Doc and they play outside for hours together. I love this pic! Dustin and Kimber playing in the bed on Sunday morning (after we slept in and missed early church)! Aren't they too cute! Kimber has started grabbing everything! I think Dustin's beard was tickling him!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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