Tuesday, November 29, 2011

John Deere Green

This was my baby boy on his birthday party day.  He had been to see my brother and sister-in-law in Mandeville and got back that morning.  They drove up and he was so excited becasue he saw the two big tractors lining the driveway.  I had a pic of them on here but somehow I lost it.  Anyway, he was still in his pajamas but insisted on riding on the tractor!  He is so cute!  We had the best John Deere party.

Cake:  I made the cake and Patrick frosted it (he did a great job, and I had time to do other stuff). 

 The cake table also had cupcakes, tractors, and pictures of Kimber with his tractors.
 This is the Plum.  He loves tractors too, but he was a little more enthused about the riding tractor. 
 The proud sister.  She also went to Mandeville.  I told her to go upstairs and get dressed and this is how she reappeared!  Such a wonderful imagination. 
 Blowing out 2 candles (I CANNOT belive he is already 2!):

 This was a funny picture.  After he opened all of his gifts he went around "collecting" them so the other kids wouldn't play with them.  Very resourceful to use his new JD dump truck.

 Enjoying cake:

 Kimber enjoying his cake, in his own style:

Fun outside:
 Playing with his new front-end loader after the party.  It's not made to be a riding toy but I think he fits perfectly:
These are the tractors Kimber saw when he first drove up to the house.  He was excited to ride as were most of the other kids.  Great entertainment!
We had a wonderful party.  All the kids seemed to enjoy it and the adults didn't mind too much until I sent them home with train whistles as party favors!  Yes, I will be repaid I'm certain.  My little boy won't turn 2 until December 3, but his daddy couldn't make the party that day and we know he was crucial to driving the kids around on the tractors!

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