Monday, January 2, 2012


Where have I been?  One of my four readers may ask this question.  Busy!  I think this is true for most people in December.  In the last month I have retired (yes, sounds much better than quit!), decorated my house for the Rayville Tour of Home (swanky, I know!), nursed two sick children, celebrated Christmas, and rang in the New Year!

Since April of 2011 I felt God was calling me home to raise my kids.  However, after speaking with my boss in April, I had a change of mind.  However, that feeling was still there.  So I fervently prayed for God to show me His will in my life  This was a daily and nightly prayer.  Obviously, there are pros and cons both ways.  In the end, I know God called me to be at home with my kids at this time.  In no way am I stating working moms are wrong or right or stay-at-home moms are wrong or right.  Never have I been one to judge either way.  I think each situation is different and this decision is between you, God and your husband.  (Just a little side note).

In October, I told the partners my decision and decided to work through Thanksgiving.  I actually worked one week further.  It is very bittersweet.  The men I worked for are some of the greatest attorneys I know or have ever been around.  They have character, integrity, and their faith is always the first thing to show.  In my profession of defense litigation it is easy to get ahead by lying, cheating, etc.  However, these men will not do this.  Their love for the Lord shows through in depositions, court, and any other situation (including a loss by one partner in a local political race).  This does not mean they are not great attorneys!  They are some of the best!  Hardcore, hardworking, and they will fight for you!  Also, the women at the office have become friends of mine.  We have laughed and cried together.  It was hard telling them I was leaving.  I miss them.

It has been a change being home.  However, it is confirmed to me daily that I am where God wants me to be.  I had to put aside my pride and give it to Him.  That is a daily thing for me!  I'm learning so much about myself and my children.  I LOVE watching them grow!  They are little sponges and want to learn anything I want to teach them!

I had one week to get ready for the tour of homes.  I had a 14 foot Christmas tree, wreaths on the windows, garland on the porches, trees in both of the kids' rooms, and much more!  However, I did not take one pictures!  Whoops!  Hopefully I can remember where everything goes next year!  I will post pics of Christmas tomorrow...yes, I promise!

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