Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I love Christmas.  However, the past two years have put a little damper on things.  Both years AL has been sick.  This year we went to Dustin's family for Christmas Eve dinner.  AL started running a fever and all she would eat was cherries and sprite.  So, we decided to leave the party and come home so the kids could open their gift from Dustin and me.  Well, just as I had given her Tylenol (red colored, of course), she was sitting on my white couch and started vomiting.  That's right, cherries and red Tylenol!  That does not go well with my couch!  Poor baby had really high fever and she was throwing up.  She did good all night.   Although sick, she did not forget about Santa.  She was up at 5:45 am wanting to open her presents.  We made her wait until 6:30 and even then we had to wake K up from sleeping!

Santa was very good to the kids this year:  bikes, Toy Story dolls, Holiday Barbie, dress up clothes, and so much more:

 Here is the sick little girl.  The only thing she would say she wanted for Christmas was this Jesse Doll (Toy Story).  She loves it.  But you ask her what her favorite present was and she tells you her Holiday Barbie (she only has 20 other Barbies!).

K was so funny.  He opened two presents and that was enough for him.  We kept saying "Kimber, do you want to open another present?"  He would just say "No."  Too funny!  He LOVED his Woody and Buzz Lightyear dolls (I guess they would be "supreheros" for boys!).

We did not go to church on Sunday do to AL's illness.  I thought she was better because she did great all morning.  However, we went to breakfast around 8:30 and her fever was up again.  After we got home she then vomited again.  So we had a very relaxed Christmas day.  We did manage to get to Pop and Gran's house.  This was her big gift:
Is she not the cutest Jesse you have ever seen?  I even had to braid her hair like Jesse's.  She now walks around the house saying "yodalahehoo"!  I'm aware that is not the correct spelling!

Hope y'all had a great Christmas.

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