Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trip to Church

This was our conversation on the way to church tonight:

AL:  So, when people die does God come down and get them?

Me:  Yes, when we die God takes us to heaven.

AL:  But how does he get down here?  Does he use magic?

Me:  I'm not sure.  God has special ways.

AL:  I think He uses stairs to get down here.  Do you think they are blue or green?

KT:  Blue! (Kimber's favorite color is blue and so he says everything is blue!)

I thought that was really funny!  Kids can truly think through things and she thinks she came up with the logical answer.  Not two seconds after that conversation we had this one as I was driving through a yellow light:

AL:  Yellow means slow down mama.

Me:  Yes it does.

AL:  Then why did you not slow down?

She may find that she has misinterpreted the meaning of a yellow light with her mama!