Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dancing Beauties

Last week the kids took dance pictures.  Here is my beautiful ballerina:
 She loves dancing.  Since she got her costume she has asked me "when am I going to dance on the big stage?".  I thought she would be scared and not dance last year.  However, that was not the case.  She loved the stage and cannot wait to get back there!  Too funny!

Addie Lee and Kaylee:
 Sidenote Story:  A few weeks ago Kaylee was at my house after dancing and she pulled a bracelet out of her bag and said "Addie, I got this for you."  The bracelet says "Friends".  AL is so proud of that bracelet that she will not take it off, not even for a bath.  She tells everyone Kaylee gave it to her and it says "good friends"!  Kaylee's mama does not know where the bracelet came from, how Kaylee got the bracelet or how she knew what it said!  A mystery, but it makes both girls so happy!  They really are good friends.

Addie Lee, Kaylee, and Marrah Beth:

The boys also accompanied us to the pictures.  They were a little rowdy, but hey, they are boys!

Addie Lee not happy that I'm making her take this picture but Kimber was excited:

A quick snap of the boys.  One of the only times they were semi-still!

They were not still for long.  This is them peeking through Jessica's legs.  Not sure what they were doing besides distracting her from talking.  Thank goodness the pictures did not take long!

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