Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eleven Grands

We had a real adventure yesterday....we attempted to take pictures of my grandparents and their 11 great grandchildren that range from 11 years of age to 1 year.  It was interesting to say the least.  

My grandparents have been married 60 years.  My grandmother will turn 79 this Sunday and Pappaw will be 80 in April.  They are a true testament to faith and love.  They are very God centered and have always gone to church.  My papaw told me a story one time.  He said he went to college for one day at LSU and decided he had enough and wanted to come back to my mammaw.  He doesn't talk much so to get that out of him was a lot.  My mammas still teaches piano three days a week and my pappaw has his cows he tends to every day.  They have four children, twelve grandchildren, and eleven great grandchildren.  We are a truly blessed family.  Here are some pics from yesterday:

You can see that Kaylee is crying.  First, she slammed her finger in the door and was then promised she could hold Camille (the baby in the picture) and she did not get to do that.  So she was upset.  Kimber was actually doing good at this point.  However, after Kaylee got a spanking he no longer wanted to cooperate. He only wanted to be with me!  It's hard to get 11 to cooperate at one time!
My mama is very creative and made these letters.  If you're wondering what it says it is "GREAT GRANDS".  You can see Kimber's cooperation at this point!
I actually thought this one was pretty cute.  And the kids LOVED climbing no the fence.  Not sure why Cade is hiding his eyes!
Here is another attempt at Great Grands.  Maybe it's just a word scramble!

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