Thursday, February 2, 2012

Potty Training

Just an update on the potty training.  My little boy, or should I say big boy, is doing excellent.  The first day we were like 2 for 8 (or worse, I can't remember).  But since Monday, he has only had one tt accident and that was today.  So, I think he's doing great!  However, he has not learned about going number 2 in the potty.  Any suggestions are welcomed!  Every day he has gone in his undies.

On that same note, Addie Lee is a little upset that she cannot tt standing up!  She asked if she could go like that and I told her no.  She was most upset when Kimber was allowed to stand outside and do it!  She tried to do it too, but to no avail!  She also asked me if I could cheer for her when she goes to the potty!  I thought that was priceless!!

She also fell into the toilet for the first time!  We forgot to put the seat down and she had just woken up from her nap and she fell right into the her princess dress nonetheless!

Maybe that was TMI, but I figure you could have stopped reading at any point!

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