Friday, March 30, 2012

Addie Lee's Words

I bought a wonderful little Bible to read to Addie Lee.  It's called "God's Little Princess Bible".  If you have young girls it is wonderful.  It is a little advanced for my three year old but she listens well.  With every story it has some "princess" thing to do or a little story about God's little princess and how the story can be applied to real life.  The other night we read a story about spreading the good news (Matthew 28).  It also talked about using your feet to follow Jesus and spread the good news.  The life application was to put your feet in a warm bubble bath, rub some lotion, and paint your nails.  While you were pampering your feet you were to think about how you could follow Jesus and help spread the good news.

So, today I decided to do that with Addie Lee and remind her of the story.

ME:   Do you remember what Jesus wants us to do with our feet?

AL:   Yes, He wants us to wear slippers.

ME:   No, remember when we read the Bible story the other night we talked about using our feet.

AL:   Oh yeah, he wants us to wear socks.

I did go on to explain what the story told us to do but that was after I had a good laugh!

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