Thursday, March 22, 2012

He has been bitten...

by the farming bug!  Kimber that is!  Planting season started about 2 weeks ago and we have been on the farm almost every day.  Kimber LOVES it!  Here he is waiting on the planter to get to our end of the field so he can hop on and "help".  Isn't he cute?

Here he is riding in "his" seat.  One day, he was getting too much for Dustin to handle driving and he put him in the "buddy seat" and that's where he's wanted to be since.  He even told me that was his seat and I could not sit there!  I had to sit behind him on a console type thing (and yes, that is the way I describe most things farm related; I'm not great at the names of things but I'm trying to get better).

This scene melts my heart every time.  I just love it.  When Kimber sees his daddy getting off that tractor he runs toward him.  So sweet.  That boy loves his daddy; and, of course, he is his daddy's world.

Here he is riding in "his seat".  At this point, I'm on the floor of the tractor.  If you've never been on a tractor it's not really made for 3!

Here are the "farmers" looking for the seed they just planted.

This is Kimber showing me the seed he found in the ground.  Of course, we put it back because every kernel counts!

Today we were down at the shop (since it rained here) and Kimber and Addie Lee got on the tractor.  Kimber actually started the tractor without any help from Dustin.  Dustin wasn't even on the tractor!  He has been bitten....

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