Friday, August 17, 2012

My Boy

There are so many things I want to remember about my children at this stage so I'm going to post a little about each one.  Today is all about Kimber.  I will post about my girl next.

1.  Kimber is very structured.  He likes things a certain way and does not like change.  You can say he's like me.  He likes a plan.  Every morning he asks "so what we do today?"  He wants to know what's going on as much as I do.

2.  For the past few weeks we have had the same bedtime routine.  I put him in his bed and go tuck AL in bed; he thens calls me back in his room as I pass and this is our conversation:

Kimber:  I need tell you a secret.

Me:  (I lean down so he can whisper to me) What is it?

Kimber:  I need you...tickle me!

And so I do!  I love it!

3.  He refuses to wear anything but a t-shirt and shorts.  A polo type shirt is not acceptable and don't even try to put a button-down shirt on him.  I'll try ever now and then and his response is always the same:  "I not like that".  So, even to church, he wears a t-shirt.  Not a battle I care to fight

4.  He loves his daddy and loves to drive the combine.  He likes to push all the buttons and make it work.  He is actually pretty good at it.  I think Dustin may have to give up his spot in the driver's seat soon.

5.  He also is a mama's boy.  He loves for me to hold him, tickle him, and just be with him.  We don't' have to do anything special, he just loves me.

6.  He is a very touch-sensitive person.  When he's drifting off to sleep he will put his blanket in his mouth and proceed to rub it on his nose, arms, and each finger.  It's a habit and I love it.

7.  He doesn't really like to be around crowds.  Again, probably from me.

8.  Everytime he toots or burps he says "somebody burped/tooted", like it wasn't him.  Then I'll say "who was it?"  He'll fall out laughing and say "It was me!".  May not sound funny but it's hilarious!

9.  He's all boy!

10.  He thinks his sister is the best thing in the world.  He loves to do just what AL is doing.  However, he also has a mind of his own and does not let her push him around.  He likes to play with her toys (or take them from her) just so she can't play with them.  Such a boy!

11.  When he really wants something he very sweetly says "please mama/daddy please me have __________"

12.  He loves to ask "why?" but my favorite is when he asks "why not we have ___________".  I know that's incorrect grammar but it's so cute.

13.  When he is done watching a movie in the car he wants me to hand him the book of new DVDs and also the DVD that comes out of the player.  He needs to see that one before it is put into the case.  Again, he's quirky and I love it!

14.  He has two pair of shoes.  Each time I ask him if he wants another pair of shoes he points to his feet and tells me "I already have shoes".  I was so proud of him because when Addie Lee came home with her new Skecher light-up shoes he said "I want a boy pair".  So, we went online and ordered him a pair of light-up shoes too.  Now he has 3 pair!  He refuses to wear any open-toed shoes because he tells me "those are girl shoes".  No flip flops, no sandals!

My boy! I love him with all my heart!

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