Thursday, August 30, 2012

Addie Lee

Well, I know it's been a while but here is my post on my big girl.

1.  She LOVES school.  She cannot wait to start again.  She's like me in that aspect.

2.  She loves bacon.  If she sees bacon on tv, smells bacon, smells bacon on someone else, or even thinks about bacon she wants some.  This is just like her daddy.  :)

3.  She loves dancing.  She tried gymnastics for a while but really only like dancing.  She shows out on the stage every year and cannot wait to dance on "the big stage."

4.  She is a wonderful big sister.  She lets Kimber know what he should be doing all the time.  Bossy some say, but I call it a good big sister.

5.  She cannot wait for the new baby and she says she's going to be a great helper.  I know she will!

6.  She loves to dress up.  This is seen all the time.  She loves to do her makeup, hair, clothes and everything that goes with it.

7.  She loves barbies.  I love to just sit and watch her.  She has such a wonderful imagination and always has some conversation going on among all her barbies.

8.  Although she has about 30 barbies she thinks she needs more!  This is from me!  I loved barbies when I was a child.

9.  She hates to take naps.  It is a lengthy discussion everyday.

10.  She has a very sweet nature.  She loves everyone and wants to take care of everyone.

11.  I love the way she prays at night.  She always thanks God for everything to try to make her prayer as long as possible.  She does not like to leave out anyone or anything.  Also, when she's praying for someone to be healed or feel better she says "thank you for healing ____________" or "thank you for making ____________ feel better".  It is so sweet, I wish we all had her faith.

12.  She loves fruit.

13.  If there was any confusion, the word "sugar" is pronounced "suga".  That's right, no "r" on the end of that one!

14.  She loves television.  We do not watch tv too much at the house but when it's on she is tuned in to it.  It's hilarious because she's just like her daddy!  Of course, her favorite movies are princesses!

She'll always be my baby girl but she sure is growing up quickly.  I'm so proud of her and the respect she has for others.  She will start pre-k 4 next week and is so excited.  I will post about her birthday soon.  I'm so far behind!

Sisterly love.  This picture was taken one night when she was dressed up as a princess and Kimber decided to dress as a prince.  We found his rubber boots (you can't really see in this picture) and he wanted a shirt and pants.  Thank goodness he settled on his Buzz Lightyear outfit.  They danced and played Cinderella (where he "tears" her dress and chases after her when she loses her slipper).  They play so well together (most of the time) and are so cute together.

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