Friday, August 31, 2012

Sleepover Party

This year we decided to go for a makeover/sleepover party.  Addie Lee loved the idea and I did too!  We invited four of her friends for makeup and sleepover and family for pizza and cakes.  Here is my birthday girl.  I cannot believe it's been FOUR years!  AAAHHHH!

We started by doing nails, hair, makeup and of course dress up clothes.  Thanks to my sister, sister-in-law, and future sister-in-law for all the help!  It was a real struggle for me to paint the toes!  The girls loved all the stations.  Addie Lee was most excited that she got to wear mascara!

We also had a crown piñata filled with candy.  Of course, this was a hit.

These are four of the five girls.  Look how beautiful they are all dolled up and ready to parade around the house.  Aniston had gone home by the time of these pictures.

The birthday cake.  I decided to purchase a cake this year, it was just easier.  I'm really liking easier at this point.

Modeling some of her presents.

This Barbie house is what Dustin and I gave her for her birthday.  This was my sister's dollhouse when we growing up, so vintage!  I did get new furniture to go inside.  My sister and I had the best time going through the old furniture and other things.  Many, many memories.  We played with that house for probably about 10 years.  Addie Lee has loved the house as well.  The funny thing is that I was "hiding" it in Dustin's gun room.  He accidentally left the door open one day that I was not here and the kids went in there and saw the house.  When I got home AL said "I saw something in daddy's room".  So, while they were in the bathtub I moved the house upstairs and when she went in there I tried to convince her she didn't see anything.  My sister said that was mean; I thought it was creative!

Addie Lee in her beautiful Aurora dress Amanda gave her.  She loves it; however, it does throw off a lot of glitter!
I cannot believe it's been more than four years since I brought her home.  One memory I have is getting in the truck to go home from the hospital and looking at Dustin saying "what do we do now?"  It's a crazy feeling knowing that something so small is counting solely on you.  She has grown up to be much more than I ever imagined.  She's so sweet, beautiful, and kind.  We are so blessed.

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