Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where have I been...

St. Lucia....yes, this gorgeous place:

About 4 months ago Dustin asked if I wanted to take a trip to St. Lucia, just the two of us.  So, of course, my answer was YES!  We left last Sunday for a week of fun in the sun.  We arrived Monday afternoon in St. Lucia and our first ride was on this big chopper:

We got a wonderful view of the country from the helicopter.  We also saw banana plantations, the tallest peak on St. Lucia, the rainforest and the most memorable, a marijuana farm.  The pilot said he did not know if it was the "good stuff" because they randomly drug tested the pilots.  I was thankful for that!  We took a 12 minute helicopter ride, as opposed to a 2 1/2 hour bus ride from the airport to the resort.  The first night we arrived they had a "beach party" that offered the following entertainment:

You did see that correctly.  That is a man doing tricks with fire.  I was very impressed.  He was very talented.  He could also limbo with fire and the lowest limbo he did is one I'm certain I could not even lay down under!  They also pulled me from the audience to dance and limbo!  I was the first one.  I'm pretty sure they said "Ok, let's find a white girl who cannot dance!"  They picked perfectly!  But I had fun with it anyway!

The next day we climbed a mountain (ok, I'm calling it a mountain).  There was a national forest beside our resort that was the lookout point for the English.  It was a large fort that still had cannons and things.  It was very interesting.  This is a pic of us at the top.  I do not know why the pic is turned the wrong way!  You can also see that I have on a necklace.  On the way into the park we were stopped by some locals and bought two necklaces, a palm leaf hat, and a palm leaf basket.

The other days we mostly laid around the beach and pool and read.  It was quite relaxing.  Here we are on the last night.  We went to a neighboring resort and ate "blackanese" food as they called it!  It was actually Japanese cooked by locals!

The cars in St. Lucia mostly look like this pimped out van.  Dustin and I called it the Shaggy Wagon (Scooby-Doo!).  He was very proud of me taking this pic!  Also, the roads are very narrow and windy.

We also rode the helicopter back to the airport on Saturday.  This is a view from the chopper.  I must say this experience was not as pleasant.  The pilot wanted to give us a good look at the rainforest so we were flying very low and that did not sit well with my stomach.  I'm pretty sure I could have reached my hand out the window and touched the rainforest.  I kept thinking that he told me there were 4 types of snakes in the rainforest, two being deadly.  If we go down, I won't be very good at surviving in a rainforest!  I do not like snakes!

We had a wonderful trip and it was great to spend time with my hubs.  However, it was so sweet to see this:

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